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January 10, 2023

Caraway is dedicated to providing college women and individuals assigned female at birth (AFAB) with mental, physical and reproductive healthcare. Our care is designed for you and includes support, education and guidance in your healthcare decisions. We are here for any health concern you may have – from birth control to acne, stress to sleep - even if your questions come up at night or on weekends. We can also coordinate with your existing doctor and insurance company.

Caraway healthcare services are currently available in New York, California, Ohio and North Carolina, with more states coming soon! Not in any of these states? Email us and we can share how you can stay connected to the Caraway Community.

Caraway Crew will bring together a community of people passionate about changing the way that college women and AFAB people experience the healthcare system, and offer members the impactful professional development opportunities you can only get at a start-up.


As a Caraway Crew member, you’ll get to connect with an amazing group of like-minded students from all over the country, learn about and engage in conversations surrounding women’s health and the healthcare industry at large, and stay up to date on all things Caraway.

You will have access to the following: 

  • Our Slack channel with a mix of informative and fun content on the health of women and AFAB people
  • A monthly invite-only speakers series with women’s healthcare and start-up industry experts
  • Insider updates on what’s going on at Caraway HQ and opportunities to share your feedback and shape Caraway’s services
  • In-person meetups in your city with fellow crew members to get to know one another
  • A welcome package and Caraway merch 
  • The first look at additional professional opportunities at Caraway, from paid internships and full-time roles to positions on our Student Health Advisory Board
  • Opportunities, support, and budget to help us spread the word about Caraway on your campus through events, social media, and advocacy

Who You Are:

  • Mission-aligned: You endeavor to be part of something that impacts the health of all women and AFAB people of all races, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations
  • Activated in the campus community: Involved in extracurricular activities on your campus community and on social media, whether athletics, entrepreneurship, healthcare, women’s rights, or anything else
  • Open-minded and connected: You enjoy reaching out to others, and you’re comfortable sharing your time and your personal story with your peers.

Email with a paragraph or a video telling us a little bit about yourself and why you want to join Caraway Crew!


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