Frequently asked questions

Who does Caraway serve?

What makes Caraway different?

Can I access Caraway if I am under the age of 18?

Where is Caraway available?

How do I set up a Caraway account?

What can I do via telehealth?

Can I access Caraway on a laptop?

Do I have to be in school to get care through Caraway?

If I’m from a different state but go to school in a state where Caraway is available, can I sign up for Caraway?

Is there information on Caraway that I can share with my parent or guardian?

How does Caraway provide care?

What mental health services does Caraway provide?

What physical health services does Caraway provide?

What sexual and reproductive health services does Caraway provide?

What about services I can’t get from Caraway?

Does Caraway prescribe medicine and order labs?

Who is the Caraway Care Team?

Can I choose my clinician, or is my clinician assigned to me?

What can I chat with the Care Team about?

How are you addressing the unique needs of the LGBTQIA+ community?

Will Caraway work with my existing primary care doctor, and does it provide primary care?

If I can use student health services, why should I use Caraway?

Will you provide medication abortion?

How is Caraway protecting and ensuring my privacy?

Do you share or sell my information?

How does Caraway charge for its services?

How much is a membership?

What does a membership include?

Are there any additional costs outside of the membership fee?

Do I need health insurance to use Caraway?

How do I cancel my Caraway membership or request a refund?

Does Caraway offer Financial Assistance?

What is Caraway's refund policy?

How do I cancel my membership?

Are you not sure about your charges?