Return Home Checklist

What to look out for after you finish traveling.

The Caraway Care Team

November 16, 2023

You made it! Welcome home. Just as adjusting to travel can be tough, adjusting back also can be challenging. Remember, Caraway is here for you if you’re not feeling OK, whether that’s physical or emotional—or a combination of both, which we know happens all the time. Here are some basic tips for post-travel care!

1. If you have chronic issues and/or providers that you see regularly, it’s always a good idea to check in now that you’re back. Maybe you need refills. Maybe you just want to make sure things are stable. And no matter what, update your regular provider if you’ve had any significant illness or injury while away.

2. Sometimes, people return home with symptoms that might represent something they picked up while traveling. If you develop diarrhea, unusual stomach pain, or a weird rash, please chat with Caraway or get checked out in person!

3. So many things change with travel: sleep, diet, hormones… it can take a while to get “back on track,” but if you need help figuring out what’s normal or not, we’re here!

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